Saturday, 1 September 2012

For Prayers Can Do Miracles ♥

*gets bored*
*tries to find some activity*
*doesn’t find any*
*sits down*
*feels as if nothing to do*
*closes her eyes*
*feels as if nothing to do strongly*
*steps in another world of what she had been a part of*
*gawks in amusement*
*wanders around*
*finds something shimmering*
*steps forward*
*catches the glimpse of a book*
*stares at the book in astonishment*
*looks intently at the book*
*recalls - the book belongs to her*
* gets a feeling – “It belongs to me”*
*touches the cover  as if wants to absorb the colors*
*realizes – “Oh! It reflects my memories”*
*opens the book*
*flips the pages*
*glances at the colors that once had been part of her life*

Transparent as Rain. Colorful as Rainbows. Warm as Sunrays. Cool as Twilight. Sweet as Springwater. Velvety as Petals.

*thinks joyously. “have they all been part of my life ?”*
*eagerly touches the colors*

As if she could touch them with her finger tips. As if she could catch the colors with her fingers. As if she could paint her actions again. As if she could live them again!
Aaaah !
Isn’t it like how people want to paint their actions what we called Dreams. Just the shades of dreams. Not as durable & embossed as colors of memories. Now ! here comes the time when one needs all his determinations in bridging the distances from colors to shades. From shades to colors. =).  This journey, from colors to shades & shades to colors, is like striving for life for some people and committing suicide for the others. Some think of it as reachable and some unreachable. Some find it attainable & some unattainable. Some feel it tangible & others intangible. Some take it as opportunity while others find it a challenge. Wisdom or Stupidity. Patience or Agitation. Possible or Impossible.
BUT majorly isn’t it all about Faith In Allah? Belief In HIS Blessings? Trust In HIS Proceedings .
Because this is the treasure with which one can see the invisible, feel the intangible & attain the impossible.

*closes the eyes with an achievement*
*takes up the crux*
*feels with every pour of body as if they are the sense organs*
*closes the book*
*comes back to reality*
*opens her eyes*
*smiles broadly*

It was a wonderful tour of memories. 

A tour of;
Revivals & Realisations.
Indications & Inspirations.
Achievements & Accomplishments.
A firm determination.
A strive for destination.
New schemes of actions.
A heart to win.
An eternity to live.
Yess!! It’s all about Faith.
Faith in ALLAH.
Faith in One’s ownself.
And Yes ! Faith in prayers.

Prayers; A magical milestone for the journey of dreams towards reality.
For Prayers Can Do Miracles