Friday, 6 September 2013

My Faith is Milestone towards Reality

I feel you walking along me,
I feel you holding my hand and taking a pause,
Turning towards me and looking into my eyes,
you enchantingly smiling and keeping the silence,
Tightening your grip on my hands and making me walk again,
Feels like walking on the moon beams,
Holding my breathe and living in the aroma or thankfulness,
Absorbing the confidence from your touch and enjoying the hallow of respect surrounding me,
Living under the spell of your immense care,
Enchanting me with your utmost affection,
Caressing my soul with your immaculate love,
I need not to hold my breathe but Im destined to live it,
With my love!
I believe it to be my destiny,
For I have faith in Allah,
For I believe in You,
For I believe in myself,
For I believe its not just a dream
A milestone towards reality..!