Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lighting the Candles of Feelings!

Distances do not part the bonds of relationships unless death does. Either the death of the person or the death of a relationship. Though, I believe even death can't part unless we suicide the relation ourselves. And, sometimes, this unnatural death of a burdening liability is inevitable for the growth of mushrooms of new connections. A new beginning where twilight kisses the moon. When the breeze holds its breath with the fear of disturbing the romance of stars. The moment of glory when dawn plucks the stars and holds them back from the heat of the day; to adore them again on the platter of sky, with all its love and attention. 

And that very instant imprints the feeling that sometimes the biggest loss of life is not the death but losing the chance to make a moment eternal with earnest purity, profound kindness and forever love. Life had been very easy and simple if unthankfulness had not been the part of human nature. Although sometimes the liability lies with destiny as well. Not absolutely but merely by our own definitions. Because when one has felt the emotions with their tangible existence, has absorbed their texture in the tips of fingers and touch-of-heart  has been witnessed; then staying calm is challenge. A challenge more tough than dragging the brightest star in possession and harder than controlling the ripples of expectations caused by the pebble of circumstances.

Then one goes drowsy with unconsciousness and life loses the order of priorities, confusion fogs the courage, clouds of ambiguities blur the vision and uncertainty demolishes the determination. If the sparks of faith still show up in the ashes of messed priorities, shattered courage, broken vision and lost determination; believe it, you still can touch the parted souls of your bonds, you still can make the moment eternal with your love, kindness and purity.If one believes in oneself, one still can enjoy the whispers of the cold breeze and the trees, still touch the feelings and absorb the life in its eyes. One can still be the part of twinkling stars and the romance of night.

Sometimes the biggest loss of life is not the death neither distances can do part the bond of relationships but the negligence of the romance of life can. It itself is a death to a living soul. While a new beginning is always waiting for the moon to warmly kiss its twilight. Waiting for waves to find a chance to embrace the depths of the ocean. Waiting for dawn to carefully pluck all its loving stars to be part of the inspiration of beauty and romance of life. Life, that is a priceless treasure and romance is the most precious gem of existence.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome 2013

2012 is left with short of time.
A very ticking of second is going to inaugurate a new span,
a span of challenges or a span of opportunities,
its not the matter of fate but Determination & Faith.

2012 - Hi
2013 - Hello !
2012 - Prepared ?
2013 - Almost.
2010 - Confused ?
2013 - Yes, I scare. *blushes*
2012 - *thinks*
2013 - *lifts brows questioningly*
2012 - I have more faults in my pockets to hand you over.
2013 - Ow! I have prism of actions to discover pleasures outta them.

*silence rules*

2013 - People'll be expecting pleasures.
2012 - Tell them, a bright future belongs to those who can keep their dreams alive.
2013 - And Success ?
2012 - Success belongs to those who believe in its access.
2013 - And i'll thell them "Laughter has the power to wipe the tears away, leave your worries behind & turn the grass a little greener. Go Ahead, laugh really loud & hard"
2012 - Good, also wish them the life's best forever.

2013 - *smiles* sure. Thankyou 2012 for everything.