Thursday, 5 December 2013

'I Loveyou too' ♡

When air encircles the raindrops and rushes to kiss it. Each drop embraces the wind honoring it to a cold breeze. It takes away my hair and you take away my heart. The noise of celebration makes me unheard, I hold your hand and walk away the crowd.

Your aggression makes me live and your passion makes me revive. I enjoy the moment when you had asked me to step along ♡ Your gaze enchants my body and your touch illuminates my soul. I re-live the moment a thousand times, when you'd stopped in mid way and called me 'my love'.

We walk all day and reach the dark night. When everything around is calm and only my heart beats. For you've just poured your kisses on my eyes and mumbled the secret in my ears, where nothing just your voice whispers 'I Love You' ♡

When air encircles the raindrops and rushes to kiss it. I hold your hand and take you away, where everything around is calm and just my heart confesses with every beat 'I Loveyou too' ♡

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pure Love ♡

When love touches the peak of selflessness, it gains the power to majestically replace the resistance with a will to embrace. Its your win but the amazing part is you make the other person feels like a winner. They might not express but they whole heartily believe, you are pure love ♡

~` A Beautiful Confession`~

What an awesome feeling it is when one steps on the land of love, where loving someone isn't an obligation but it becomes faith.
When well wishes aren't occasional but heart prays with every beat.
Where beauty of life is so vivid that life span doesn't decrease rather it extends with every breathe.
Where glow in the eyes is the reflection of other person.
When there is no selfishness, when touch is shadowed by selflessness.
Where respect is a volunteer responsibility.
You've introduced me to that awesome feeling of stepping in the land of love that I was reluctant to tread;
and I've reached the phase of life with selflessness, where loving you isn't an obligation but it has become my faith now...

Do I still need to tell you how much I love the person whom I owe so much? Whom I owe the biggest truth and the most lovable reality of life? Whom I love beyond measures? Who is my life now? If not, I still want to admit. Lemme tell you, I loveyou ♡♡♡

Friday, 6 September 2013

My Faith is Milestone towards Reality

I feel you walking along me,
I feel you holding my hand and taking a pause,
Turning towards me and looking into my eyes,
you enchantingly smiling and keeping the silence,
Tightening your grip on my hands and making me walk again,
Feels like walking on the moon beams,
Holding my breathe and living in the aroma or thankfulness,
Absorbing the confidence from your touch and enjoying the hallow of respect surrounding me,
Living under the spell of your immense care,
Enchanting me with your utmost affection,
Caressing my soul with your immaculate love,
I need not to hold my breathe but Im destined to live it,
With my love!
I believe it to be my destiny,
For I have faith in Allah,
For I believe in You,
For I believe in myself,
For I believe its not just a dream
A milestone towards reality..!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Inevitable Gambling!

An urge to desire always costs. We may lose our patience so many times but still believe hard in staying conscious because we fear losing. Losing is the biggest threat of our life. Not the threat of losing patience but losing the grip over a relation, losing the regard and ultimately losing the person, a beloved one.

This is because life is not only unpredictable but uncertain too. So keeping the things calculated and aligned is something that doesn't always help. Life is strange. Because it gives us awesome moments to recall and multiply the treasure. Yes you are right, life is weird too. Bcause it simultaneously flashes back with unpleasant moments that haunt the mind and divide the thoughts.

I won't call life a casino but I cannot deny either that we keep gambling every moment. Gambling our hardwork to get good repute. Gambling our time to earn money. Gambling gifts to earn some soft words. And sometimes gambling our self-respect to save a relationship. And It hurts. It hurts the most when we fail rescuing a relationship and we lose our self-respect too.

I wonder. I wonder either we should let them go to know our own worth or we should hold on the string that slaughters our confidence and bleeds our beliefs?

Sunday, 21 April 2013


I've heard memories do not fade away
They also told me friendships are never dried
I look at you, I look at us
I look at our friendship and wonder
'Is it true?' Or they lie

I wish of a day
I wish of the day when our memories would be alive, flashing before your eyes
I wish of the day when the words would talk
I wish of the day when you'll wake up and look for me
I wish of the day when you'll love me!

Memories are made up of what has passed
I wonder
If I also have to follow the path
Lets make it your way
Let me be non-existent, let me say you goodbye

I've heard memories do not fade away or friendships do not die
I look at you and I look at us
Let me check is it true or they lie
Let me be non-existent, let me say you goodbye..!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Walking in the Rains.

When the rain falls on me
It washes away all the dusts of forgotten memories
Chilly winds smash my soul
Painting me with the unreasonable colors of grief
And the life around me goes strange

Surrounding me with the panic of dark nights
So much to utter, so much to share
Colliding with the strong walls of my conscious
My untold stories, my unheard tales
Unknowingly striking the sills of my windows

The only window of my life
The only way to tread in my sight
I keep it all treasured in my heart
Laden with the ivy of my smiles
Surrounded by the smell of my laughs
Laminated with the words of sparks
When the rain falls on me
It washes away all the dusts of my forgotten memories

Friday, 15 March 2013

Mapping a road to the soul

They say life is difficult, it gives tough times and it makes itself miserable for its dwellers. They say they've seen life shattering like a crystal with a single jerk. They say they have witnessed the life slipping from their tight grips yet they say they like to be loved and want to love someone with all their might and emotions. Despite their acknowledgements they believe in dreaming. They find their dreams beautiful. They strive to find someone to console their souls, collect their smashed dreams, adore the brutal realities and map a road towards them. Yes this is life. And this is what a human nature is naturally capable of.

But I say dream & keep dreaming.
Only those dare dreaming who have the spark to get them fulfilled. For dreams are the first step towards reality and happiness. Even if they are not painted as we wish, they leave us with shades at least that we could color our life with.

Dreams are accompanied with fear but you have the capacity to compliment them with optimism ♥

We think we know but in fact we never know!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Doesn't faith make life easy?

I believe in staying strong when everything seems going wrong,
I see happy people as the prettiest ones,
I witness the peace of life in the eyes of kindness,
I know I'm given another tomorrow and I believe in Miracles ♥

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lighting the Candles of Feelings!

Distances do not part the bonds of relationships unless death does. Either the death of the person or the death of a relationship. Though, I believe even death can't part unless we suicide the relation ourselves. And, sometimes, this unnatural death of a burdening liability is inevitable for the growth of mushrooms of new connections. A new beginning where twilight kisses the moon. When the breeze holds its breath with the fear of disturbing the romance of stars. The moment of glory when dawn plucks the stars and holds them back from the heat of the day; to adore them again on the platter of sky, with all its love and attention. 

And that very instant imprints the feeling that sometimes the biggest loss of life is not the death but losing the chance to make a moment eternal with earnest purity, profound kindness and forever love. Life had been very easy and simple if unthankfulness had not been the part of human nature. Although sometimes the liability lies with destiny as well. Not absolutely but merely by our own definitions. Because when one has felt the emotions with their tangible existence, has absorbed their texture in the tips of fingers and touch-of-heart  has been witnessed; then staying calm is challenge. A challenge more tough than dragging the brightest star in possession and harder than controlling the ripples of expectations caused by the pebble of circumstances.

Then one goes drowsy with unconsciousness and life loses the order of priorities, confusion fogs the courage, clouds of ambiguities blur the vision and uncertainty demolishes the determination. If the sparks of faith still show up in the ashes of messed priorities, shattered courage, broken vision and lost determination; believe it, you still can touch the parted souls of your bonds, you still can make the moment eternal with your love, kindness and purity.If one believes in oneself, one still can enjoy the whispers of the cold breeze and the trees, still touch the feelings and absorb the life in its eyes. One can still be the part of twinkling stars and the romance of night.

Sometimes the biggest loss of life is not the death neither distances can do part the bond of relationships but the negligence of the romance of life can. It itself is a death to a living soul. While a new beginning is always waiting for the moon to warmly kiss its twilight. Waiting for waves to find a chance to embrace the depths of the ocean. Waiting for dawn to carefully pluck all its loving stars to be part of the inspiration of beauty and romance of life. Life, that is a priceless treasure and romance is the most precious gem of existence.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome 2013

2012 is left with short of time.
A very ticking of second is going to inaugurate a new span,
a span of challenges or a span of opportunities,
its not the matter of fate but Determination & Faith.

2012 - Hi
2013 - Hello !
2012 - Prepared ?
2013 - Almost.
2010 - Confused ?
2013 - Yes, I scare. *blushes*
2012 - *thinks*
2013 - *lifts brows questioningly*
2012 - I have more faults in my pockets to hand you over.
2013 - Ow! I have prism of actions to discover pleasures outta them.

*silence rules*

2013 - People'll be expecting pleasures.
2012 - Tell them, a bright future belongs to those who can keep their dreams alive.
2013 - And Success ?
2012 - Success belongs to those who believe in its access.
2013 - And i'll thell them "Laughter has the power to wipe the tears away, leave your worries behind & turn the grass a little greener. Go Ahead, laugh really loud & hard"
2012 - Good, also wish them the life's best forever.

2013 - *smiles* sure. Thankyou 2012 for everything.