Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Inevitable Gambling!

An urge to desire always costs. We may lose our patience so many times but still believe hard in staying conscious because we fear losing. Losing is the biggest threat of our life. Not the threat of losing patience but losing the grip over a relation, losing the regard and ultimately losing the person, a beloved one.

This is because life is not only unpredictable but uncertain too. So keeping the things calculated and aligned is something that doesn't always help. Life is strange. Because it gives us awesome moments to recall and multiply the treasure. Yes you are right, life is weird too. Bcause it simultaneously flashes back with unpleasant moments that haunt the mind and divide the thoughts.

I won't call life a casino but I cannot deny either that we keep gambling every moment. Gambling our hardwork to get good repute. Gambling our time to earn money. Gambling gifts to earn some soft words. And sometimes gambling our self-respect to save a relationship. And It hurts. It hurts the most when we fail rescuing a relationship and we lose our self-respect too.

I wonder. I wonder either we should let them go to know our own worth or we should hold on the string that slaughters our confidence and bleeds our beliefs?