Thursday, 5 June 2014

Miracle of my life ♡♡♡

Life has given me an opportunity to experience amazing things...
do you know despite all your undue fury and non deserving reactions; I cant be angry with you. Not only that but also my heart will always keep skipping a beat on your name, on your voice & your warm touch. Do you know, I love you for always and always.
Im overwhelmed that life has given me an opportunity to experience amazing things... and you know you are one such miracle of my life ♡♡♡

I love to be a sweetheart ♡♡♡

I try not to sound a sweetheart but you've made me one. I love starting an argument but your soft pitch ruins it to a peaceful conversation. Im fond of having a fight but your care fades away my fury.
Yes, you've made me one and now I love to be a sweetheart ♡♡♡

~* My ordinary man ♡ *~

He asked: "How I am for you?"
She replied: "Ordinary.
He was bewildered with disappointment.
She continued: "Yes. Very ordinary with extraordinary qualities. An ordinary gardener with immense care for his plants. An ordinary potter whose pottery is his life. An ordinary archeologist who lives to discover. An ordinary friend with extra ordinary selflessness. You are ordinary; but your immense love makes me love you. Your affiliation with me is my life. Your urge to discover goods out of me makes me live. And your selflessness makes me love you.... Its an amazing feeling to be cared like a nursery plant and being loved like the only one... its beyond♡! its ecstatic♡! its life♡!
Yes Im alive♡"
She further added: "I love you being my ordinary man♡"

My Dream Life

A life where rain falls as light drops, where days are as peaceful as dawn, where night is as beautiful as rainbow, where evenings are as pleasant as first ray of sun, where mind is as calm as ocean and where heart is as energetic as the tidal waves.... Lets hold hands and live one such life.... because with you, i ll multiply the happiness enough for thousand lives <3 together <3

~A New Miracle

The setting sun may alert us with challenges... challenge like darkness and a hope like a dawn...
Just a little patience and courage to face and endure the difficulties of life.
There comes a time when we are the first one to witness the sunrise... Another day another hope another life another miracle