Thursday, 5 June 2014

~* My ordinary man ♡ *~

He asked: "How I am for you?"
She replied: "Ordinary.
He was bewildered with disappointment.
She continued: "Yes. Very ordinary with extraordinary qualities. An ordinary gardener with immense care for his plants. An ordinary potter whose pottery is his life. An ordinary archeologist who lives to discover. An ordinary friend with extra ordinary selflessness. You are ordinary; but your immense love makes me love you. Your affiliation with me is my life. Your urge to discover goods out of me makes me live. And your selflessness makes me love you.... Its an amazing feeling to be cared like a nursery plant and being loved like the only one... its beyond♡! its ecstatic♡! its life♡!
Yes Im alive♡"
She further added: "I love you being my ordinary man♡"

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