Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pure Love ♡

When love touches the peak of selflessness, it gains the power to majestically replace the resistance with a will to embrace. Its your win but the amazing part is you make the other person feels like a winner. They might not express but they whole heartily believe, you are pure love ♡

~` A Beautiful Confession`~

What an awesome feeling it is when one steps on the land of love, where loving someone isn't an obligation but it becomes faith.
When well wishes aren't occasional but heart prays with every beat.
Where beauty of life is so vivid that life span doesn't decrease rather it extends with every breathe.
Where glow in the eyes is the reflection of other person.
When there is no selfishness, when touch is shadowed by selflessness.
Where respect is a volunteer responsibility.
You've introduced me to that awesome feeling of stepping in the land of love that I was reluctant to tread;
and I've reached the phase of life with selflessness, where loving you isn't an obligation but it has become my faith now...

Do I still need to tell you how much I love the person whom I owe so much? Whom I owe the biggest truth and the most lovable reality of life? Whom I love beyond measures? Who is my life now? If not, I still want to admit. Lemme tell you, I loveyou ♡♡♡