Friday, 15 March 2013

Mapping a road to the soul

They say life is difficult, it gives tough times and it makes itself miserable for its dwellers. They say they've seen life shattering like a crystal with a single jerk. They say they have witnessed the life slipping from their tight grips yet they say they like to be loved and want to love someone with all their might and emotions. Despite their acknowledgements they believe in dreaming. They find their dreams beautiful. They strive to find someone to console their souls, collect their smashed dreams, adore the brutal realities and map a road towards them. Yes this is life. And this is what a human nature is naturally capable of.

But I say dream & keep dreaming.
Only those dare dreaming who have the spark to get them fulfilled. For dreams are the first step towards reality and happiness. Even if they are not painted as we wish, they leave us with shades at least that we could color our life with.

Dreams are accompanied with fear but you have the capacity to compliment them with optimism ♥

We think we know but in fact we never know!!

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