Tuesday, 14 August 2012

`~ What Is Pakistan? ~`

Pakistan; it’s a piece of land on map for the world. True. Though being born and raised in this so called piece of land bestowed Jinnah’s leadership in my thoughts. Im divinely granted with Iqbal’s dreams in my actions and have Sir Syed’s ambitions in my learning.

I have inherited the struggle of thousands of crusaders who wrote my name in the will of independence with their blood. I owe the sacrifice of Rashid Minhas. I belong to the minerals of Baluchistan, fertility of Indus, beauty of Khyber Pakhtunkhua and food of Punjab.

Pakistan honored me… It gave me a name, an identity, recognition and the confidence of ownership to face the world. My genes and my blood do not allow me to curse Pakistan for terrorism, political instability, and security issues or for losing semi-final to India. 

I don’t know what should I exactly be proud of but I don’t feel any hesitation in acknowledging that Pakistan is my pride, my love and my inspiration. I indubitably belong to it and whole heartedly own it with all its slips and flaws because this is My Pakistan.


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