Monday, 30 April 2012

Living The Liberty !

Things get organised. Differences can be contrasted. Circumstances find a place in the corners of explanations. Problems also write themselves with the pen of solutions. This is the warmth of relationship that dusts the confusions on walls. But there is a point when feelings cannot be worded. I know, how unsaid words suffocate the souls. Frustration doesn't find a channel to breathe in the twilight of fresh hopes. One is unable to find a way out to the chilly winds, that could freeze the question marks of desperation.

Not uttering the secrecy of emotions although given a chance;
a chance hiding behind the excuses and seeking miracles,
varnishing the existence with ambiguities,
avoiding the dire urge to smell the colors and embracing Ego.
The headstrong foolish ego that leads the one way track to the island of unreasonableness. From existence to non-existence. From reality to illusions. From peace to agitation.

A single lack of courage to draw the lines, the only deficiency to color the dreams and the alone inability to grab the opportunity; an opportunity to figure the emotions. How easily this negligence unties the strings of dreams from the eyes, lingering to the shattered images. Lost in the isle of insanity. Unduly trying to solve the jigsaw of our blunders. Failing to understand. Slicing the palm desperately to engrave a luck line. And tears unthinkingly trickling down the bruised cheeks, soaking in the land of lost freedom. Searching the forgone chance back to the Liveliness. Promising the feelings to provide them with the ease of expression, the delight of words and the liberty of embracing heart, taking leave from ego. But unable to find the lost happiness playing chess in one corner. The feelings relaxing on the cozy sofa as if tired of this one-man-show. Gravely humming the regrets to find a way back to the self.

But time smiling and resting against the trunk of events, opening its box of moments, dipping the finger in the ink of experience and writing mid air:
"Sooner you define the things, better is the life. Because undefined things hurt to infinity."

History sighing at the lesson, hooting in despair and flew back to the past.

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