Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My First Story

I own a book. A book with a hard cover. A book with no idea. A book with the most desired  market. But I don't know how would it end up. The only thing that assures me of its success is the first page. First Page : The Brightest One.

I don't think if expression is needed to endure the feelings. Its not that you don't have any idea while everything is so clear. Usually brightness is attributed with beauty & achievement.
Like the stories with shimmering complexity of context are supposed to be a bestseller,
Ideas with creativity are thought to be a success,
Movies with bold characters sound to be a blockbuster.

While I don't have any such story. The only thing I own is a book. The book that does not have any shimmering & complex context. An idea that still has to be pondered. A book portraying the only image of my memories. A cover with the color of my Dreams & the shadows of my Imaginations. A book with acknowledgments. And its the only thing that makes it attractive.

A book that would be a bestseller with an idea that will be an absolute hit following a blockbuster story. A story that is yet to be told, yet to be uttered.  In an urge to find suitable words, they possibly seem to be unspoken forever. Because words can never justify the feelings.

And I don't find words worth the story. The story of my book. The story that projects the single subject. The subject that defines my life. My life that revolves around the only sun. A sun with the rays of feelings. Feelings loaded with care & concern. Such radiated care & concern that form the emoted images. The images that reveal a story. The Story Of My Book.

A story to be heard not to be uttered.
A story to be kept not to be disclosed.
A story to be felt not to be told.

Officially, I don't have any story. Neither idea is creative nor its bold. The only thing I own is a book. A book with nothing. But I still bet it to be a hit. An absolute success. A definite blockbuster. Because if I had any possible reader; it would be you. For none else could understand this untold story.

I don't know how would it end up. But the first page of this story is so bright that overshadows the rest of it. A page dedicated to my life.

My Dreams. The Alive Dreams

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  1. Write it. I assure u it wud b worth readin'.