Monday, 5 March 2012

Spectrum Of A Murmur !!!

Although unveiled but a mystery as yet.  I can feel it absorbed in the airs & dissolved in the surroundings. A mystery that can allure the thoughts under some immense spell.

Busy fighting the sand storm of wishes in the desert of imaginations. Not being able to find the frequency match between the personalities. Despite they are being oxidised by the same element of troublesomely tickling delight. And energies reducing due to the unwanted chemical reaction of our feelings & circumstances. This fission process of logic & emotion is ultra sonic that it has made us dumbstruck of the usual active life around. We are so busy maintaining our inner equilibrium that we are unaware of the most desired world at arm's length. We are so ignorant that we cannot even sound our feelings.

Everything is so pronounced. But when we think of plotting, all these happenings become a mystery. Because, this is a fact.
It's always thought to be apparent as long as we don't want to solve it.
It seems so exquisite till the time we don't want to feel it.
It appears to be accessible when we don't tend to approach it.
It feels to be granted since we don't seek it.

And we can perpetually close our eyes but can never avoid the presence of brilliantly-vivid-sparkling-glow. Either it is confessed and acknowledged or negated and denied. Because to nullify the effects we move wildly & blindly in the opposite direction. And when the loop of life journey completes the 360 degrees, it ends up facing the very particular 'something' as our destination that we wanted to deny the most.

Admitting & Denial may have different meanings but they take us to the same destination. With admission it leads our emotions  & in Denial it captures our thoughts.

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