Saturday, 3 March 2012

And I'll Walk Along My Dreams...!!

The more I try not to think about you, the deeper I drown into my feelings for you. I block my thinking process & the backdrop of your memories appears.I try to forget everything. It works. Everything goes darker except the parts of my life supposed to vanish, indubitably belong you, get more highlighted in this forgetting process. My thinking revolves around what you don’t want to be in its orbits. The focus of my dreams is what you always want to be repelled by even its field. The centre of my memories is what you never want to be around.

Im tired. Im exhausted of detaining all this.

Fighting my feelings.

Denying my urge.

Negating the truth.

Ignoring your existence.

Hiding the concern.

I can’t. Because that’s my life.

I love the axis of my life.

I love the focus of my dreams.

I love the centre of my memories.

I love drowning into my feelings, the deeper everytime.

And I, sometimes, wonder If I Could Touch The Bottom. EVER.


I Love The Life Of My Life.

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