Friday, 2 March 2012

Because The Dawn Has to Break !

I'm sure. I'm in a transition phase. For mind, its a phase when you donot want to use the right part of brain. You donot want to interrupt the happenings. I think transition seems to be a term for the material things. The things that have some kind of physical existence. If it is so, then I'm wrong. I'm logically wrong. But I am talking about MYSELF .

My Mental State.
My Psychological Phase.
My Emotional Quantum.
My Thinking Orbits.
None of them has any physical existence. BUT they all are my constituents. They reason my existence. They collectively form my spiritual instincts.

Whatever. But I, physically, am still existing in this real world which is the only thing, that I have, can be in a transition.

Everything was rite. Yaar ! sab kuch theek tha.

That suddenly my mind stuck in an in-between state because of the disturbance of the phasing of my psychology. My emotions left their way to a new quantum of emotions. My thinking left its orbit for a new destination. An undiscovered destination. With no road-map. With zero level of surity. With non-existent evidences. But they still left.They lost their focus. I don't know if they all left for ME or they actually left me. I don't know but they all departed. They really did.


I don't know if I am into the world or I am outta this world. I don't know if I am into a fight or I have already surrendered. I don't know if I am into a sleep or I have waken up from a long dream. I don't know if I am enjoying a pleasant cloudy day our or I'm blistering under the sun. I don't know if I am reading the preface of a book or I've already been through the closing credits of a movie. I don't know if I have just started or I already finished everything. I really don't know if I have gained a life or I lost the only one I had. The Only Thing I Had. MY LIFE. 

No Worries. You know why ? Because I know ALLAH is with me. HE'll settle my mind to its new state. My psychology will soon seek a new phase. My emotions are just to land in its new quantum and my thinking is getting into its new orbit soon.

I am sure. I am in a transition but I am dead sure I am going to be out of this transition into a stable existence. This transition is necessary. Because darkness makes stars visible. The stars that beautify the sky. The stars that make moon more adorable. The stars that let the sun rays replace them. The rays that lit the darkest corners as well.

Oh ! this transition is blessing. Because it leads to the beautiful, gorgeous & lush island that will no more be undiscovered. An island of blessings. An island of pleasures & happiness.

So what to worry for ? What is left to blame ?? Just the Thankyou for ALLAH. Thankyou for everything.


  1. Max Frisch once said:
    "You can put anything into words, except your own life"
    I think he was wrong, You just did and you did a great job =)

  2. Thankyou so much. Its an overwhelming compliment. =)