Monday, 5 March 2012

Lets Fly In The Ocean ♥

Now I want to be disappointed but what actually I'm through is, a young and fresh hope emerging from the engraved desperation. Cravings & longings are brightened & sparkling with a new zeal & zest. Now what should I call it;

My Utmost Dream Weaving OR The Absolute Negligence of Brutal Reality ?

You want me to hate you. So do I. But we aren't getting the desired results. There is something that hinders your hatred touching my heart. What can it possibly be ? I dunno. But what I know is;
When Optimism be this much alive that it can figure the Non-sighted,
When Trust be this much certain that it can feel the Invisible,
When Destination be this much inspirational that it can challenge all the Confidence,
Then, I wonder, how can it would let the flow of hatred take away the fertile particles of concern that has grown the roots of Care & Belonging deep inside it. That has developed an ever-green plant which is planted with supreme compassion & exceptional inclination.
How can it ever produce the fruits of hatred other than pure love ???

Is it crazy;
Expecting Transparency out of Turbidity,
Hoping Modesty from Egotism,
Wishing Purity from Obscurity ?
One can always extract happiness from a challenge but Happiness Can Never Be Challenged.

You think I am brave. I would be.But I don't find myself brave enough to repel what makes me happy. To avoid what I want. To negate the most desirable existence. And most importantly, To pretend as if I don't care while I do. I absolutely do. And how unfortunate of me that I cannot hide my concern. I cannot express myself the particular way you understand. I donot know what are the rules to follow to prove my existence.
Yess. I still doubt if I even exist for you. Do I ? You can never understand how murderous it feels to be negated by the very person for whom you want to exist the most.

After all this I am justified to hate you & you are worth hatred. I should hate you. You want me to hate you. So do I. But we aren't getting the desired results. Because the flow of hatred can NEVER be so strong that it could take away the fertile particles of concerns that have grown the roots of Belonging. Deep. That gave life to an ever lasting plant. A Plant with the leaves of Fondness & the fruits of Sentiment.

Today & For Always.

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