Friday, 2 March 2012

A Bubble: A Virtual Reality

Like the moon floats in the sky,
As the dreams walk in the mind,
The way wishes wander in the heart,
Just as the urges erupt from the thoughts.

One can always negate the feelings but can't help volunteering it.

Like the heartbeat strikes the walls,
As the mind receives the calls,
The ways words leave the mouth,
Just as the actions sound.

One can always pretend but can never help them.

Like the kids are innocent,
As the rains are pleasant,
The way world around is wonderful,
Just as the flowers are colorful.

One can always from new rules but can never ignore the fact.

Like the shawls in the cold,
As the shades under the sun,
the way umbrellas are for rains,
Just as the laughters in strain.

One has to acknowledge it one day.
Willingly or Unwillingly. Fortunately or Unfortunately. Happily or Unhappily. Agreeably. Approvingly. Courteously. Receptively.

You Have To Ultimately ACKNOWLEDGE It.

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  1. helplessness to Acknowledgement. beautiful