Tuesday, 6 March 2012

No Frost No Fire Its all about Warmth

When the raindrops breathe the cold breeze out, allowing the trees to mumble their secrets. When the softness of the sand on a beach, comforts the troubled mind. When a cold cream coffee soothes the friction of thoughts.

When there are sparkles of concern behind the harsh looks.When the care flashes with the exchange of undue comments.When the fights are laminated with the element of liking. Not admitting the faults. When concern proven, pretending arrogant :)

But still talking & holding hands with twinkling eyes that the gauge does not have any scale to measure beyond.
Leading to the state of tranquility.
Rejoicing the triumph.
So calm & quiet.
Feeling the blow of moonbeams.
Touching the waves of rainbow.
Traveling the glittering rainfall.
Confining the molecules of beautiful memories.

The grip on hands tightens with each argument like the freedom enjoyed with the melody of birds chirping at the dawn.
The knots of feelings strengthen with every fight just as the ease that body feels at the first touch of sun rays in a chilled weather.
The strings of emotions mingle badly when annoyed  the way the peace of mind illuminates the vapors of pleasure.

And ... MY madness peaks with every goodbye, highlighting the earnest urge to touch & ulitmately feel with my heart, the delight of enigmatic happiness. Alive Happiness. Pleasing.  Dynamic. Cheery. Enstatic. Around. Everywhere. All over.


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